lightworker reflections personalised training programs 

Co-founders Michelle Lightworker and Tony Dowd are passionate about individuals reaching their highest potential. Our personalised training is warm and welcoming. We keep numbers to small groups to maximise training. Students are encouraged to be creative and are surrounded by inspirational artworks. We also offer eCourses with 1 on 1 individual mentoring which student absolutely love! This training does translate so easily with online study. The student community is supportive. The online meetings, student buddy system and a private Facebook page with support posted daily ensures that students never feel isolated, alone or lose focus of their priority. We encourage students to see the training as a gift they give to themselves rather than a chore. This keeps students motivated and on track so that they make time to finish what they've started.

psychic development circles

 Attend one of our Psychic Development Circles.

lightworker practitioner training 

Enrolments are now open! 

‚ÄčLightworker Reflections


Come on in and have a collaborative Reading designed to empower you. Find skills and ways where you learn how to connect more with your own spiritual guides. We offer online, phone and face to face readings and mentoring sessions. $50 per half hour.

We also offer FREE readings each month by our Student Lightworker Practitioners. See our Events page for details.